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Our Big Step Forward!

As the new month to a new year just came to an end, the biggest news for us has to be the opening of our new retail outlet in our hometown, Ahmedabad, India. This store, just like our recent website, represents our efforts to be able to connect with our end users in a more efficient way. Our biggest agenda at the moment is to reach out to as many people as possible and to spread out to all corners, to which this store is our first step.

This store is the product of our ten years worth of experience in the industry of ethical, organic, and herbal clothing, and will have the best of what we have learnt in our journey so far. It has products ranging from baby clothing, to spa collection, to casual and formal wear for men and women, as well as inner wear for both genders. With such a wide range of apparel we hope to reach out to all kinds of markets of this industry to bring to our consumers the possibility for organic herbal clothing in which ever form they like.

Our efforts, however, are not merely commercial. Many of our garments help give employment to indigenous tribe people and women of low income areas. With connecting these people to the industry we not only empower them but also bring in their art and culture to the industry. This creates a healthy exchange of art, making both a little better at what they do.

This retail also opens up opportunities to link with the society in a more wholesome manner. We don’t want to merely market our clothing; we also want to create awareness about why it is important to change our current manner of living. And this change is not limited to the one needed in apparel, but spreads to environmental concerns as well as social ones. For this very reason we are also initiating a group of youngsters who voluntarily want to help us spread environmental and social awareness. They call themselves “Auracle”, and have already held a successful workshop with municipal children on the importance of using cloth bags as a plastic substitute.

We are optimistic about all these new initiatives we have taken and are excited about their inevitable success. When we say success we do not just mean money-wise, but also our success in touching people with our “Aura”, and making them like us a little: living and dyeing naturally!