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I Would Like A…

Materialism has a negative connotation: A materialistic human does not concern self with spirituality, is limited to worldly possessions. He does not bother to look beyond what he objectively has and what he can get. Not only is he selfish, he is also short sighted with a limited perspective to the beauty of our world.

All of us are materialistic. All of us desire possession; we derive satisfaction with achievement of tangible items. We desire items that give us our status, our pride and power, and are the conceivable result of our work. What is wrong about wanting a large house that is luxuriously comfortable when you have worked hard to obtain it? Is it such a crime to be able to provide for all that our children want? Why can’t we buy a car that is worthy of our status? Is it that wrong to “want” when you have toiled hard for fulfilling those very wants? Why should we be the people who fulfil wants sensibly when every where around the globe people throw around money?

We are taught from the very beginning that greed is a sin and that these wants never end. It is a vicious cycle of wanting newer and better things, which only ends up making desires harder and harder to fulfil. But the truth is being materialistic is human. To want the best and the most for yourself and your loved ones is natural. Yes we would be happier in a world where people wished for happiness and peace rather than bigger and better homes and machines. But without desires there would be no moving forward. We would be satisfied with the least, happy with everything being as it is. Creation would come to an end because there would be no need to create.

What we make out to be a sin, is also our fuel for evolution and for growth. That we desire is inevitable, and to attempt to fulfil these is natural. But what are we ready to forsake for these wants is really what we should focus at. In order to fulfil these wants we do not just pay by means of money. We pay for how these wants harm our planet, our communities, our societies, our Home. And here we need to redefine how we want a better future for the ones we love and the planet we love. It is hence not incorrect to want. But to want blindly and ignorantly is a mistake.

Before we destroy our collective Home because we were too busy fulfilling personal wants, we need to want what is best for this Home. If we go on with our lives without regarding the looming responsibility to want responsibly, we will bash into the thick Wall of Consequence with no turning back. This wall is not something to be threatened by. All we have to do is want not to ever have to face it.

There have to be alternative solutions to our materialistic possessions. There have to be options that balance out what is best for us as well as for the planet and society. Some ideas such as Aura’s are on their way to making these solutions big and prominent. Catering for a common need such as garments that are made in the way there were always supposed to be made. Fabrics made with natural colours and processes. Eliminating harms that chemical processes place on our Home.

It is not difficult to find alternatives. It is pretty simple in most senses. You just need to want it enough, like we do at Aura.