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A Bowlful of Plastic Fruits

Greenwashing… Unlike what it seems to be, the term is not about an environmentally sane method of washing. What it truly is is “washing” a bunch of lies so they appear “green”. Principally greenwash is the new whitewash! Coating facts so they would give the impression of being eco-friendly-and-what-not, is the purpose of this propaganda. All this trouble taken just to sell a bunch of mass produces which, more often than not, destroy our ecosystems, rot for millenniums, and poison the circle of life.

All these lies are very much like a bowlful of plastic fruit. They appear natural, but try biting into one and you’ll end up swallowing some plastic. Companies would rather spend billions on advertising themselves as green while they could very well be using the money for actually making processes more efficient and eco-friendly. This is because they think their customer is as irrational as to believe their white lies and buy the product that goes and does exactly the opposite of what the customer believes. And they are right. We do end up making a fool of ourselves because we are not vigilant enough to catch promising campaigns with loops in them.

Companies stoop down to even marketing changes as being voluntary when they are government policies that they have no choice but to follow. Can we blame them for their resolute efforts to sell their mass produce to a consumerist society? They wish to sell out, which will only happen if they keep the masses happy. These days the masses seem to think green is the new fashion so that is what they get, even if that may be a green coated environmental hazard.

The truth is that if consumers were really keen on using a product that is eco-friendly, they would make sure that they have a product like that. It would be very difficult to fool a consumer that is determined and cautious. It is true to some extent that we want to use a product that is green merely because green is “in”, and so we let the loop-full campaigns fool us.

To make sure the products we use are not some wannabe green act we need to be able to know where they come from, how they are made and what happens to them when we are done using them. We can pressurise policy makers to be more aware and scrutinize those products that pose as environmental icons. We also need to encourage those companies that we know are genuinely making a difference. And we need to be more careful about who we trust, because they might just be using us.