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Work shop on Sustainable Textile Processes

Aura Herbal natural dye workshop

Workshop on Sustainable processes & practices using Organic cotton & natural dyes

Have you ever wondered how fabrics are made, have you ever wanted to create your own colors with things around you. In this 2 day workshop join Mr. Arun Baid and our master dyer to learn about organic cotton and natural dying. Workshop participants will learn about fiber to fabric conversion process, recipes for making dyes, dyeing techniques, future commercial prospects and much more.Visit  to the factory premises , get a chance to see the industrial processes of natural dyeing techniques. 

What’s more you get to make your own t-shirt or scarf using these natural dyes to take home.

All required supplies and lunch will be provided.

There are limited seats so register now to ensure your spot. Calling in all enthusiasts to join our efforts to create a safe, pollution free and a sustainable living.

This is our way of knowledge sharing  covering various aspects of Organic textiles & natural dyeing  like . This workshop will be great for any one who wants to know the textile processes as well as interested in how natural dying works in small as well as large scales.

We would like to invite designers  , students and  design academicians to participate.

Below is the plan. We are sharing our years of experience with the students & hope it come to use to them.

Suggestions are welcome

 Subjects & activities covered are as below

  • History
  • Eco friendly/organic dyeing
  • Impact on environment
  • Ingredients
  • Limitations
  • Future prospects
  • recipes

(2)   Knowledge of fibers (Different Fibers) Fiber to fabric conversion processes        

(3)   (A) Preparation of fabric for (Organic) dyeing: General /Organic Processes         

(B) Demonstration of fabric preparation


(4)   (A) Different techniques of dyeing

(B) Dyeing with natural colors.

(C) Variation in dyeing and QC.

(D) impact on environment of various processes


             (5)   Demonstration of fabric dyeing

(A) Blue , Yellow , Red , Black, Brown.

(B) Plain dyeing / Tie – dye in the dye bath.

(C) Souvenir Choice and preparation.


Day 2.

(1)    Textile Printing Technology

(2)     Demonstration of Printing (Screen Printing, Block Printing)

 (3)      Painting

(4)      Testing of raw materials

           (A)   Fibers / Yarns / Fabrics

          (B)   Herbal Products / Mordents etc,.

         (C)   Laboratory trials

         (D)   Spectro photometric evaluation

 (5)       Fastness Properties

            (A)   Light fastness

             (B)   Wash Fastness

             (C)    Rubbing fastness

             (D)    Perspiration fastness

  (6)     (A) Demonstration of Bulk Dyeing of fabrics on machine

(B)  Product Development Scarf / T-shirts

(7)   Question – Answer session

Conclusion Meeting

 This is our 2nd work shop & hope to have many more. We shall soon be coming up with residential design courses for designers & students.

Pictures & write ups on the workshop will be added. keep reading

For further details on the owrk shop  please contact