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Happy birthday Ahmedabad

In 602 years of existence we walk through the memory lane of a land filled with enterprising spirit,the city of Ahmadabad. Founded in 1411 by the ruler Ahmed Shah, Ahmadabad became a hub of commerce and trading with textile as its main pillar. Hindus and Jain became the business and economic front with the Muslim skilled weavers as the artisans. 

 The city of Ahmedabad had many disadvantages: lack of fuel, unfavorable climate, inferior quality of cotton and geographical location disadvantage as no ports were around. But the business acumen and unity that runs in the blood of Amdavadis worked as an advantage that sustained the industry and took it to such heights, that the city soon earned the nickname as the ‘Manchester of India’. Ahmedabad’s first cotton textile mill was founded in 1861, this attracted two more mills and by 1916 there were 51 mills. The cotton industry in Ahmedabad has faced days of glory and decline, but still enjoys the status of cotton and textile hub. 

 Diverse institutions and campaigns are now educating the community about organic cotton and supporting growers on the switch to organic farming. The Sustainable Cotton Project is helping farmers in the transition from chemically dependent crops to more biological sound approaches.

 Organic cotton is currently being grown successfully in many countries; the largest producers (as of 2007) are Turkey, India and China. With each year more and more companies the jump from conventional farming of cotton to organic.  China, the U.S.A., India, Pakistan, Brazil, Turkey, Greece, Australia, Syria, Mali, and Egypt are all producing organic cotton , India leading the way.  With this rise in demand from 2007 to 2012 more and more countries are making the switch. 

Aura Herbal Textiles Ltd ventures back into the heart and backbone of Ahmedabad, and brings forward an organic clothing line using only herbal – Natural dyes.

Shedding light on this way of cloth production, we at AURA wish our beloved city of Ahmedabad a very Happy Birthday and more loving years that she will face.


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The BIGGER Picture

“A hero is the one who does what he can. The others do not.”

-Romain Rolland (1866 – 1944: French writer)

They may shy away if we call them Heroes, but that is the kind of work they aspire to achieve. Our team Auracle, the team that we fondly call our Green Commandos, are gearing up to make a difference with their fresh green ideas. They are merely a set of teenage girls that are tired of sitting around waiting for things to change on their own. All of these youngsters feel deeply about the situation of our society wherein we are exploiting the environment to lewd extent. And between Auracle and Aura, it is a match made in heaven! Auracle is ready to do what it takes to make being “Eco-friendly” fun and happening, and we are ready to provide for whatever helps cultivate a Green culture in the society.

Through Auracle, we wish to fulfill one of our chief targets: bringing the society and the environment together, creating a balance between the two so both can survive conjointly. Auracle, being an independent body, plans to do what it can for this city. Meanwhile Aura provides all the resources that it can. Already this group has held two workshops with the help of our material and their own zeal.

One workshop was in affiliation with Mahatma Gandhi International School, wherein they taught disadvantaged children the importance of cloth bags, as opposed to plastic bags. They provided cloth bags to the children, on which the children stitched a patch which was hand-painted by them, using herbal paints. As it was in memory of late Mahatma Gandhi, the paintings were inspired by him. This combined the lesson of peace with the one on the importance to switch to cloth bags. In the future, Auracle plans to make many such workshops with school and college going youngsters to reach out to the generation of tomorrow; the generation that is their own.

Their second workshop was on the technique of tie-dye using herbal colours and organic clothing. This was held right bellow our retail store, at the Auracle headquarters. Arun Baid, a director at Aura as well as a dyeing expert, taught willing individuals this wonderful technique. Each one customized their own scarf/t-shirt/bandana which they later took home. This workshop was held with the aim to revive tie-dye techniques, as well as introduce individuals to herbal and completely chemical-free colours.

The response that team Auracle has received from these two very simple workshops has given them tenfold of energy to continue their efforts, however big or small they may be. They wish to make their interaction with the society interesting and enjoyable, as well as reforming and informative. With their new ideas, and their chirpy personalities they are sure to touch the lives of Ahmedabad’s citizens, and help Aura stay in touch with the bigger picture.