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Our Possibility of Change….

“Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving, it consists in professing to believe what one does not believe”

-Thomas Paine (1737 – 1809)

It is not true that some of us do not have beliefs. If we did not believe in something, something that is eternally true for us, we would not be able to differentiate our right from wrong. We would not complain at all and neither would we be satisfied, our mind would never be unsettled with happiness or gloom. How would it be, if there was nothing that stemmed this awareness? Because even believing in nothing, is to believe in something.

At Aura, we believe in something. Something that we know is larger than us. With this belief we find our strength to fight for what we stand, we find the route by which to fight, and we find the peace in living. It would be too simple to say that we believe in Aura. Aura is the result of our beliefs and not the other way around. Aura is simply the perfect fit for us to be able to sport what we believe in, and thus we believe in Aura.

So what is it that we believe in? Is this our take on saving the world? Our way in amending strayed human paths? Our effort in bringing back all that is good to a world that has forgotten it? Are we here to open eyes and spread the light?

We are here purely because we see a possibility of change. Yes we want the world to open its eyes and correct its ways, but that is not what drives us. We are a company that cannot do something for a living that jeopardises lives of any beings. What disgusts us is exploitation and discrimination of nature as well as the society. For us the two are at par, and that is what we believe in: bringing nature in equilibrium with the society, and if required, the other way around. It would be wrong to misinterpret our love for the moral to be our love for nature. Our love for nature roots from the peace that it portrays, because it is the peace that we preach. And in this way, when we see that a change is required, we will make our efforts to bring it, because we love a good challenge and we scoff at impossibilities.